Fenam Is A Professional Chinese Sourcing Agent

Source excellent manufacturers in China directly, get transparent pricing under professional quality management.

Cross-national purchase is a complex operation with risks, which involves a lot of field:
screening of reliable suppliers, international payment, quality & quantity inspection, intercultural negotiation, global cargo transportation, etc.
Thousands of companies get in trouble because of misunderstandings or frauds every year.


Sourcing Directly

With our vast supply network, you can source directly from Chinese manufacturers and enjoy best price, exclude middlemen. Our growing manufacturers database covers over 50 areas, the network around China. Years of purchasing experience allows us to keep long-term cooperative relations with factories friendly. Some of them are very excellent and only focus on the Chinese domestic market that you can never find them on internet or international fairs.

Aviod Scammers

Complex business environment, imperfect legal system, transnational culture communication, all these could cause commercial risks during your business. In the field of international trade, scammers are unscrupulous and very common. As a China-based agent, our local staff operates the business professionally together with you, enable to keep you away from frauds or misunderstandings. You just keep your mind on the development of sales.

Quality Assurance

Quality always be a key during international trade. If you don't have an employee in the supplier's country to check the production, you cannot clearly know the quality until you receive the goods, although you have already paid for them. Don't worry, we just work as your purchase office in China. Our QCs (quality controllers) check the quality of raw materials, identify defects during product, supervise the packing and shipping in safety standards.

Product Cerfication

In order to safeguard customers, every government has designated many products access certifications. You will get into trouble in your country, if sale non-compliance products. You never indulge the bad detail to hurt your business. As a professional purchaing agent in China, Fenam ensures the certification standards those are legally necessary in your country. We cooperate with various government inspection departments and inspection companies.

Shipping & Custom Clearance

Global shipping and custom clearance is a complicated process that needs professional operation. Most of the suppliers in China aren't qualified to export. Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, Certificate for Pre-Shipment Inspection, Packing List, Commercial Invice, Form A, Cargo Transportation Insurance Poliy, Bill of Exchange, etc. Don't worry about all these documents, we can get your cargo from Chinese factories to your warehouse in your country.

Costs of Duties & Finance

There are plenty of low-observable costs when you source internationally. The financial costs depend on the method of payment, such as T/T, L/C, and D/P. The percent of bounty on exportation is different on every kind of production. Custom tariffs are always changing when trade friction happens between countries, the same as the exchange rate. As a professional purchase agent, we can give assistance in all these fields, make things clear and smart.

Why not try to hire a sourcing agency?
Fenam has years of experience at the whole procurement process.

We have managed procurement transactions of more than USD 120 million for clients from over 60 countries in the past 8 years. We help
worldwide clients to enhance their business turnover by operating their purchase and logistic. We have achieved an
average savings of 25% for customers (within a range of 5-45% savings) since the opening.

For efficient procurement of goods and services, sourcing has become a widespread practice followed by many businesses. It is hard to find reliable suppliers in such a vast global and domestic market. Therefore, it's viable to avail the services of a provider that can help you make the right procurement decisions. There is no better option than a agency where you get answers to all your business needs.

With our services, you can expect a thorough and comprehensive process to reach out the products you are looking for. You can avail the services of all kinds of manufacturers in the industry of your operations. The matters of procurement, especially when it involves foreign supplier dealings can be very risky. The role of our service provider comes handy and resourceful in such matters. You can get proper guidance and mentoring regarding the choices you can make while choosing the right kind of supplier in China.

This can save you from the common downsides of negotiating with a far-end supplier as we can bridge the communication gap between the supplier and the client. The high quality, timely delivery and product development according to the requirements of the client is ensured by having us as the purchase agency.

China Sourcing Service

Contact us and let us know what products you want to purchase. We will give you the reliable advance so that you can choose the best path. We will offer you an one-stop procurement solution. Professional process will be active (analysis requirement - products collection - suppliers selection - purchase negotiation - shipping operation) after receipt of your order. The procurement operation is also well-organized (quality - payment- delivery). From Chinese manufacturers to your houseware, keeping away from middlemen and risks. We help you cut down costs with the security of international quality management. You will find that a buying agent delivers exceptional value to your business. Know More...

China OEM Service

Customize your own products, according to your design drawings, samples, or even concepts. Fenam works with the best factories covering various industries in China over 8 years, the quality is fully guaranteed. We are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each Chinese industrial area. We know their backgrounds clearly, and can accurately account cost of production in different manufacturers. We also investigate whether their products meet various standards (CE, RoHS, IEC, FDA, FCC, GOST, etc.). Just let us know what products you want to manufacture, we will find the right factories from our database and assess deeply if they are fit for your order. Know More...

Fenam Sourcing Is Your Partner In China

Fenam is a leading direct sourcing company in China. With many years of experience, we provide an extensive manufacturer database. We are a skilled, professional company with years of training and experience.

In this business, you will come across many scams. Why not stick with a reputable company that you know you can trust? Fenam is that company. We offer meticulous quality control of all products, from raw materials to the finished, packaged product. Nothing can slip through our iron-clad quality control team. We ensure product certification. Fenam is well-versed in each governments' certification standards and non-compliance items.

We take you out of the middle and eliminate the middle man at the same time. You do not need to worry about any documentation. We take care of filing all documents for you; including bill of exchange, bill of lading, commercials invoices, and more. There is no stress or responsibility on your end. You just let us know what products you need and we will get it to you. We transport your items to you directly from our warehouses. By eliminating the middle man, we eliminate all room for error and can offer excellent, professional services at a lower cost. The average savings we have achieved for out clients is more than 25%. Saving can range anywhere from 5%-45%.

Fenam follows an organised three-step process to ensure our clients receive the best quality items on time at the lowest possible cost. Once all items have been approved by our quality control experts, your shipment will be delivered by air, land, or sea. That choice is up to you.

In only eight years, we have already surpassed our competitors. We have exported products from China to more than 80 million consumers spread over 60 countries. We continue to build every day. Our goal is to continue to build a bigger, better company without compromising our outstanding quality products or services.

All our local staffs are good at China market, we are familiar with the manufacturing process and cost structure in many industries. If you want to optimize your procurement, reduce your procurement costs, and expand your business, please feel free to contact us.